The Luminex Gigacore 16xt is a 16 port Gigabit ethernet switch with 12x ethercon connectors and 4x SFP cages along with a serial RJ45 console port. It has a switching throughput of 32Gbps and a memory of 4Mb – each ethernet port has a speed of 1Gbps. The Gigacore 16 features MDI/MDIX auto crossover and can also be POE powered where required.

Pre-configured settings common to the AV industry are built in such as QoS and IGMP snooping, alongside an easy group function with pre-configured VLANs ensuring straightforward set up and user friendly adaptation. The Gigacore 16 allows users to transfer multiple protocols and to avoid the risk of link failure, the RlinkX redundancy protocol can take over signal in milliseconds.

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