Litedeck modular steps are designed specifically for use with the Litedeck range of staging. The system is a hybrid of the Litedeck design along with some elements of Prolyte truss systems, notably the CCS6 coupling system. They are manufactured from high tensile Tig welded aluminium profiles with a 19mm birch ply top.  This results in a sturdy yet lightweight product.

Whitepd supply Litedeck modular steps in all configurations between 3 and 8 step height. They have a hook that fits over the edge-profile of the deck and an open-frame handrail on both sides. As with our staging stock, all modular steps are serviced and painted each time they are returned to the warehouse.

Steps are supplied with handrails removed for ease of handling & transport.  White Production Design LTD are a specialist supplier of equipment to the event production industry. Our continual investment in staging, infrastructure and our technical equipment stock enable us to deliver bespoke packages from off the shelf components for almost any kind and size of event.