The Lenovo T460 is an event-class laptop built to the highest standards. The machines are wiped before each outing to ensure client specific data is never compromised. The standard software package includes Microsoft Office 2018 and a well stocked utilities bundle that includes a media library. Custom builds for specific applications are available on request.

These machines have been configured specifically for mission-critical applications and can handle the most challenging of video-heavy presentations. They are centred around the latest I5 processors, SSD drive and 16gb of ram. They have a versatile connection set that includes HDMI, MiniDP and 3 x USB3 ports.

Designed for 24/7 business usage the T460 performs faultlessly under the toughest of conditions. Whitepd specialise in the supply of turnkey packages for events and equipment dry hire to trade rental partners. We hold audio, lighting, video, LED walls, rigging, set and staging.