The Interspace Industries CDD1 remote display is designed for use with their range of stage timer systems. The CDD1 features a tri-colour 25mm numeric LED display. The unit emits either green, amber of red as dictated by the operator of the system. The Filibuster and countdown touch base-stations allow the unit to flash when the count-down is nearing the end. With certain products, such as the clock-watch, this display can also count up.

The CDD1 25mm standard display comes with a swivel-yolk arm for continual angle adjustment and it is built in a very robust chassis. The unit has a female, 3 pin, XLR input that caries data and power to the unit via standard microphone cable. Daisy-chaining of these displays is simple using XLR microphone y-split cables.

The 25mm remote display gives presenters clear indication of timings while on stage. They are discreet enough to be dotted around a podium while being bright enough to always be visible to presenters. Whitepd keep a wide range of Interspace Industries cueing, timing and audio products in our equipment stock for dry hire and full event production packages.