The Interspace Industries Microcue 2 is a professional slide cueing system specifically for live presentations. It is designed with both the presenter and technician in mind and is very reliable. The unit can be configured to directly control a computer (without intervention from an operator) or to provide visual & audible cues to a technician who then pushes the slides on a PC or Mac.

Presenters can choose from a number of different wireless handset options depending on their requirements. Options include with/without laser, with/without a ‘back’ button and a shorter, squarer form factor. All buttons have a positive ‘click’ to them to give physical feedback and confidence to the presenter.

The Microcue 2 features 2 x USB-B ports so is ideal for controlling a main & backup computer arrangement. Whitepd hold a wide range of audio visual and production equipment in our hire stock. We are experienced in delivering a wide variety of events from fashion to broadcast & corporate to entertainment.