The Mastercue V6 is Interspace Industries flagship cueing system for live presentations and broadcasts. It can accept both wired and wireless remote handsets to guarantee stability. The unit can be configured to either advance the slide automatically (upon signal from the presenter) or to give a visual and audible cue to the operator who will then push the slide. This can be controlled per computer to suit the style of the presentation.

The Mastercue V6 includes a range of features that make it suitable for high-end presentation environments. This includes complete integration into live show communication systems so that the slide operator can hear their audible cues from the Mastercue while also receiving instruction from a show caller. There is a wired confidence lamp output on the device so the presenter can get visual feedback that their signals are being received by the operator.

The Mastercue V6 is a comprehensive cueing system that’s suitable for almost any presentation environment. These are often supplied with the Filibuster stage timer system for conference and AGM stages to ensure presentations run smoothly and are kept on schedule.