The Doughty T54265 Tanktrap is designed for supporting vertical pieces of truss and scaff pipe. The 3-position tanktrap is manufactured from plate steel, has a self weight of 18.2kgs and is a very versatile product. The removable pipe receiver results in compact storage and transport dimensions.

When used as a Tanktrap, for upright scaff tubes, the T54265 offers three different mounting positions of centre, corner and edge. This is very useful in tight venues and stages when needing to get lighting fixtures close to walls. As a truss base-plate the Doughty three position Tanktrap gives 4 different options. It is drilled for 30cm box and triangular truss such as Prolyte H30V and H30D and 40cm options as well.

Our tank traps are re-sprayed with every use to ensure they are in the best possible condition for hire. If additional stability & ballast are required we can supply 12.5kgs stage weights. Working with fashion, corporate, entertainment and trade rental clients WhitePD specialise in the hire of equipment and supply of production services.