The Doughty T54250 Tanktrap is designed for supporting a vertical piece of scaff pipe. Over the years the design has evolved and the latest version includes a number of improvements such as a carry handle and a slot to allow them to nest together for transport and storage.

Tanktraps are ideal for a wide range of stage lighting, audio reinforcement and set-building applications. Manufactured from plate-steel the T54250 has a self weight of 16kgs. When additional stability is required this can be supplemented with stage weights. When pipes need to be positioned against a wall or in the corner of a room we also keep the T54265 3 position tank trap.

Our tank traps are re-sprayed when they return to base to ensure they are in the best possible condition for hire. We also stock bespoke covers & plinths for these in our set-build department. In addition to rigging equipment our equipment hire stock also includes sound, lighting, video, LED walls, set and staging equipment.