The Doughty T508020 is a 48mm pipe receiver with an M10 threaded insert. It is designed to be used in vertical orientation with the load passing down through the clamp and pipe. Also known as a top-hat the T508020 is useful in a wide range of lighting, sound and video situations.

Around the stage they are useful as part of lighting floor packages. When mounting, for example, an upright Robe LEDbeam 150 the omega fixture clamp can be bolted direct to the receiver. They are also great in conference lighting and audio applications for getting compact lighting fixtures or speakers, such as a D&B T10, at a good working height without using large, cumbersome tripods.

The Pipe receiver would generally be supplied for hire with a length of 48mm aluminium scaff tube, a Tank Trap and a suitable number of stage weights. We keep two versions of the Doughty Tank Trap, the T54265 & T54250, in stock to cover a number of different scenarios.