The Doughty Super-lightweight half coupler is a very capable yet compact clamp. Despite the name it is rated for 100kgs and is TUV approved. The base incorporates a 17mm channel to clamp an M10 bolt head without the need for additional tools. It also has an oversized hand-grip to eliminate the need for wing-nut spanners and over-cranking.

The design of the super-lightweight coupler gives the maximum possible surface area contact between the clamp and truss. It guarantees the tightest possible connection, without inflicting dents or scratches. Adding only 13mm to the overall height of the piece of equipment being flown it is ideal when ceiling clearance is limited.

Lets think of a mini-mart as a scaled down supermarket that fits inside a petrol station then apply the same scaling for this clamp verses the standard quick trigger. Another one of those, same time tomorrow.