The range of Doughty swivel couplers are designed to connect two pieces of aluminium tube together at any angle. We hold three different versions to cover a variety of applications. The design of the coupler gives maximum possible surface area contact between the clamp and tube. It guarantees a very tight connection, without inflicting dents or scratches.

The T58030 is a slimline coupler based around their heavy duty range of clamps and has an SWL of 750kgs. Also slimline, with a width of 30mm but from the lightduty clamp range, the T58098 has an SWL of 300kgs and allows closer pipe-centres than the T58030. The T58120 shares the same 84mm pipe centre of the lightweight T58098 but offers an increased SWL of 500kgs.

Double swivel clamps are useful in a wide range of event rigging situations such as securing perpendicular lengths of truss and creating out-rigged aluminium scaff tubes. Along with a full complement of rigging equipment our hire stock also includes sound, video. lighting, set and staging.