220gsm Cotton Canvas is a large format fabric ideal for event use. We keep this fabric on the shelf in black and white. Both colours are available in widths of 3.2 or 4.2m (6m cut also available on request). A range of lengths are kept in stock and special orders will normally be available next day. It is supplied in a folded bail, so does have creases, it must be stretched around a frame or panels.

At 220gsm the black has very good light block properties and the white displays good opacity. This fabric is NDFR rated or Non Durable Flame Retardant. This means that the flame retardant treatment is not designed to get wet. White canvas is OK as a projection surface but if gain and visual performance need to be at their best we recommend polyester Soft-Image.

The white makes an ideal cover for conference event stage sets and backdrops. Large, seamless panels can be cover in very little time and it is generally more cost effective than traditional pre-covered panels and the end result is also better. To finish off we often add a CNC cut logo and the impressive Chroma-Q colourforce battens for a simple backdrop with a very professional finish.