The Chauvet STRIKE P38 is a compact blinder and strobe fixture, housing one warm white LED and eight amber LEDs. The P38 has a beam angle of 27 degrees and a field angle of 51. With 16-bit dimming control and four dimming modes, alongside strobe functionality between 0 and 29Hz, the STRIKE P38 offers both smooth fades and high impact effects when called upon.

Featuring an easy to use OLED display and Remote Device Management, coupled with an IP rating of IP65, the STRIKE P38 is a flexible, easy-to-use fixture in all applications, indoor or out. The added adjustable Pulse Width Modulation feature also ensures these fixtures can be used alongside cameras, eliminating any unwanted flicker. The STIKE P38 has an emulated “redshift” feature that warms the colours temperature, with the eight amber LEDs, as the fixture is dimmed – accurately mimicking incandescent lighting.

The STRIKE P38 and its strobe and blinder capabilities offer a perfect option for use within set designs, but can also be used for house lighting in conference situations. Sharing the same style chip as the STRIKE Sabre, these fixtures can be used in tandem, offering further design possibilities.