The Chauvet Ovation F-415VW is a 6″ fresnel fixture featuring a variable white LED source with a very high CRI of 89-93. It has a smooth motorised zoom ranging from 27° to 68°. The 6-colour LED engine allows both independent colour control and colour temperatures presets ranging from 2800K to 8000K.

The F-415VW features 4 dimming modes and a strobe rate of 0 to 27Hz. The easy to use on board controls allow straightforward adjustment of colour temperature, zoom and dimming. It is RDM-enabled and also allows 28V external battery operation. Variable PWM eliminates flicker when the fixture is used in tandem with cameras.

The virtually silent operation, compact body and tremendous output of the F-415VW mean it can used in a whole variety of applications, such as conferences, theatre, fashion shows and many more. Whitepd have these units available to hire in touring cases of 2 and 4 units.