The Chauvet Ovation E-930VW is a high-performance LED profile fixture. The ellipsoidal fixture has a variable white source and a very high high CQS and a CRI of 88-92. Beam, field and zoom angles all depend on the interchangeable lens chosen. It can also project a full range of saturates when a splash of colour is required.

With colour temperature presets from 2800K to 8000K (which can be adjusted for +/- green) and a unique 6-colour LED engine, the E-930VW delivers an outstanding, equal output across all colour temperatures. The E-930VW also features 16-bit dimming in 4 optional modes and a strobe rate of 0 to 28Hz. Remote Device Management and adjustable PWM are included as standard.

The silent operation and tremendous light output capabilities of the E-930VW allows it to be used in a wide range of applications, such as award shows, fashion events, conferences and many more. Whitepd hold a full range of complementary fixtures to hire from the Chauvet Professional range including variable white Fresnels & Par’s.