The Black Magic Design Hyperdeck Studio Mini is a broadcast grade video recorder. The unit has a wide feature set and despite it’s size it is very highly specified. The unit has an SDI input that automatically detects the input type which can be from SD to UHD. 3 outputs are included that operate simultaneously making it a great unit for putting in-line between a camera, vision mixer, monitors and event graphic switcher – without the need for additional splitters or processors. The display on the front of the unit gives plenty of valuable feedback and piece of mind to operators.

Control for the Hyperdeck can be via the front panel or the Black Magic design software package. The RJ45 control port can also receive POE, when available, reducing the need for rack-power distribution. The unit records onto dual SD cards which are accessed from the front panel. A USB-C port is included to allow fast data transfer to a PC, MAC or other storage device.

The Black Magic Design Hyperdeck Studio Mini is a versatile recorder. It’s compact footprint allows up to 3 devices per rack U making it an ideal unit for compact systems, such as web streaming and virtual event equipment packages.