Our 3-pin XLR cables are built in-house to ensure consistency and reliability. We use professional starquad cable supplied by our friends @ Direct Cable System and Neutrik connectors throughout. We stock a standard range of lengths which are proudly, and perhaps somewhat obsessively,  measured to the mm  (please see length options in the specs drop-down below).

An interesting fact about the XLR connector; is it was invented by James H Cannon, explaining why it is sometimes colloquially known as a Cannon cable. Predominantly the 3-pin XLR is used when connecting audio kit together, but can also be used alongside communication systems such as the Chroma Q Showcom and also within an Interspace cueing system.

All cabling is recoiled and inspected every time it comes back to the warehouse so is always squeaky clean from a presentation point of view. We also have a large range of multi’s, stageboxes and looms in our hire stock to complement.