The new-body 250kgs (0.25T) hoist from EXE is built in a shorter version of the well known, and rather excellent, 500kgs shell (medium body). It has a lighter overall self-weight but retains all the key features and reliability of the 0.5T. White Production Design’s 250kgs new-body hoists are LVC versions and have an 20m height of lift. The units, including their 21m of fitted chain and bag have a total weight of just under 33kgs.

The double braked motor uses a larger chain than the classic design. 5x15mm DIN EN818-7 up from the 4×12 on the smaller 250kgs units. As with all the other hoists in the range they can be used in either motor-up or self climbing orientation. The 250kgs EXE rise has an industry leading D8+ 8:1 safety factor.

WhitePD’s 20m 250kgs motors are supplied in pairs or singles depending on user requirements. We keep a full range of cabling and control systems to complement. For lifts requiring numerous hoists we can supply Kinesys digihoist systems for up-to 32 motors. In addition to rigging equipment rental White Production Design are specialists in audio, lighting video and staging services for a wide range of events.