The EXE Rise 250kgs d8+ is an ultra-compact electric chain hoist built in the EXE small-frame. Designed specifically for event rigging the unit is extremely light due to the body being made from cast aluminium. With a low self-weight of only 23.4 kgs including 10m of chain, these motors are perfect in situations where both point loading and trim height are limited.
The EXE small frame features a number of innovative features. The chain-bag attachment and guide allows the unit to be easily inverted as a self climbing unit or motor up as required without any modifications on site. Unlike some other motors the clutch is positioned on the motor shaft in front of the motor assembly, outside of the load path. The 250kgs classic body hoists also feature swivel hooks (usefully labelled with the motor capacity) and excellent carry handles.
Whitepd’s EXE hoists are all the LVC (low voltage control) versions. If the 10m lift of the 250kgs classic hoist doesn’t quite cut it for you, we have the new-style 250kgs hoist with 20m lift. In addition to the 250kgs versions we hold 500 kgs and 1000kgs EXE motors in rental stock. Generally our hoists are packaged in 1’s & 2’s but for the more adventurous customers we have some 4 and 6-way cases that really work those thighs when pushing cases on grass. All motors are available for hire with or without cabling and control systems.