The Tractel tralift 56429 is a 250kgs manual chain hoist. It is built in an ultra compact chassis and has a 12m lift height making it suitable for all but the largest of venues. It adds only 190 mm from point to pick-up making it a perfect choice for situations such as hotel conference rooms with limited ceiling trim height.

The block & chain weighs in at less than 10kgs helping to keep point loading to a minimum and making this a very comfortable unit when using ladders for access. The Tralift has swivel hooks for both the point and load pick up and uses corrosion resistant Corolim® load chain, ensuring less wear and longer life.

Whitepd’s 250kgs Tractel Tralifts are supplied in black finish to ensure they blend well with their surroundings. These chain-hoists are cased for hire in 4’s, 8′ and 16’s. In addition to rigging equipment our hire stock also includes sound, lighting, video, LED walls, set and staging.