d&b Audiotechnik white enclosures now available at White PD

White PD now offers a wide range of White d&b Audiotechnik enclosures for hire and production. Our rental stock includes the B8 Sub, E5, E6, E8, E15X Sub, Y7p & Y10p. The elegant and discreet units have been very popular with our fashion show production clients, but have also proved extremely useful in many different corporate events settings.

At just 2.7kg, the E5 is a lightweight 2-way passive point source loudspeaker. With 100° conical dispersion and a max SPL of 117dB, this highly compact yet punchy speaker is perfect for corporate events where speech volume and clarity are necessities – such as conferences and presentations. We also stock the Z5357 Ball joint adaptor, allowing the enclosure to be flown via a super clamp or simply placed on a stand.

The E6 is also a compact 2-way passive point source loudspeaker which can be mounted vertically or horizontally, but features a rotatable dispersion of 100° x 55°. A max SPL of 123dB, means a significant uplift in punch over its smaller counterpart. This high-powered enclosure is a compact solution for conferences and presentations but also events where on-stage monitoring within a confined space is needed. With the addition of the Z5377 Swivel bracket, the E6 can be flown, or alternatively on a stand using the Z5024 loudspeaker stand adapter.

The E8 is a 2-way multipurpose coaxial loudspeaker that can reach a max SPL of 129dB, with the ability and power to be used as a stand-alone full range system or when coupled with a sub as part of a larger arrangement for music applications. The versatile orientation of upright or horizontal combined with the rotatable dispersion of 90° x 50° and convenient shape allows this fixture to be flown using the either the Z5350 flying bracket or the Z5354 flying adapter. The E8 also works very well as a compact stage monitor.

The Y7p and Y10p complete our offering of white point-source loudspeakers and both share very similar characteristics. The main difference is the dispersion (the Y7p allows 75° x 40° whereas the Y10p produces 110° x 40°), but both are rotatable by 90°. The max SPL of 137dB makes these suitable for almost any style of event. Both fixtures can be either ground-stacked or flown with the aid of the Z5024 loudspeaker stand adapter, coupled with the Z5399 mounting bracket.

The B8 is an ultra-compact omnidirectional subwoofer weighing in at just 18kgs. With a very compact footprint, and low height, it is a perfect solution for small-scale applications where high quality, extended low-frequency response is desired. The B8 can be mounted either horizontally or vertically and boasts an SPL of 122db along with a frequency response of 43 – 125hz. As with the E-15X, a K&M Distance Pole can be screwed into the M20 receiver to allow for secure mounting of any of the top boxes in our range. The E-15x Sub features omnidirectional dispersion, with a frequency response that extends down to 37hz and a max SPL of 130db. This makes it an excellent addition to any E or Y series set-up.